TUG Update Alpha 0.8.4

TUG Alpha 0.8.4 has been released on Steam into the main branch.

New Features 
  • Added a Sand Layer underneath several biomes so players aren’t dependent on finding a Desert for sand. 
  • Alternative terrain generators are back. Note the Survival generation is still the main, balanced generator for gameplay 
  • Goat Kid added to generation, no not a satyr... 
  • Animals will now react to players holding food and can be fed. 
  • Baby versions of Cats and Goats can be domesticated. The BearRam Cub cannot and adult wild Cats and Goats cannot be domesticated. 
  • Pets can be set to follow or stay by targeting them and right clicking. 
  • Players can breed adult, domesticated animals from tamed baby versions. 
  • Adult domesticated animals can breed and have babies. 
  • Fireball and Ice Blast spells are now craftable and castable. You will need to craft their respective items, enter the casting stance with ‘t’, and left click to cast 
  • A crude age shield is now in the game 
  • Blocking can be performed when a shield is equipped with a weapon. Blocking is performed by holding down the right mouse button

  • Found a major memory optimization when first loading animations in the game. It should dramatically reduce memory consumption when loading game objects by nearly 3x 
  • Fixed a bug with emitters not displaying 
  • AI should save their positions now between each game session 
    Creature spawners now respect their cooldown timers. New animals won’t spawn in every time you load a game. 
  • Fixed a crash when first creating/joining a game 
  • Fixed a crash when exiting TUG 
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to transfer a tool/weapon to a full container would restore the durability on that item 
  • Fixed an issue where swords weren’t cutting certain types of grass billboards 
  • Fixed a Lua error when a player left a game before respawning 
  • Fixed a Lua error when a player entered Z placement mode in Creative mode and then switched to 3rd person camera 
  • Banana Bunches are harvestable again 
  • Generated coconuts no longer hover several feet above the ground. 
  • Fixed some cases where the Fuel Potion wasn’t restoring energy 
  • Added in a console message when players join a server

Known Issues 
  • Player collision is slightly desync’d from their visual location. It is lagging slightly behind where a player has moved from 
  • Pets have no distinguishing features from wild animals 
  • Some animal movement is not animating correctly, so creatures may appear to slide 
  • Pet animations are sync’ed when you reload a world 
  • Pet timers and health are reset between sessions 
    If you die too far away from your last save, pets can get lost 
  • The run key (shift) is not a bindable key 
  • You can lose mouse cursor if you dismiss server disconnect message with keyboard. 
  • There are some mouse cursor issues when TUG is the active window. It’ll exhibit itself as an active cursor that will still access your Windows desktop. If this occurs to you, send us your system specs. 
  • Clients can come across strips of missing terrain. Reloading/rejoining the game sessions should be resolve the issue in the short term. 
  • Clients are crafting slower than the Server player 
  • Creative mode has several usability issues that we’re currently working on. 
  • The Vine Fence Cage Trap doesn’t have collision along it’s walls when it has trapped something 
  • If you have the fireball equipped, when you rejoin a server, the first shot may orient into a default position rather than where you are facing. You can resolve this by re-equipping the spell first. 
  • If you die right as you enter a stance, you may get stuck in that stance (until you exit and rejoin) 

Source : http://steamcommunity.com/games/277930/announcements/detail/243533361696720232
Posted on April 8th, 2015 02:47 PM EST