TUG Update Alpha 0.8.7

TUG Alpha 0.8.7 is now available on Steam.

Update Video:

Patch 0.8.7

New Features
  • Updated loot drop system
  • Loot drop objects will appear when harvesting resources or dropping certain items. These will show up floating slightly above the ground with a white sparkly effect.
  • Pick up has been separated into its own key; ‘f’ by default.
  • Crafting will, for the most part, require the loot drop version of the object. The exceptions are crafting tables used for recipes, and the flat rock needed for a fire pit.
  • Any loot objects dropped or harvested by the player will expire after roughly 15 minutes. To be super clear, if it is sparkling and floating, it will expire.
  • Voxel clumps that drop due to a full inventory will appear as they have in the past but will convert to a loot object after a brief period of time.
  • Voxel clumps that have been converted to loot will automatically stack themselves together with nearby clumps.
  • To place the “real” version of the object, you will need to place it with z-placement (press the Z key to enter this mode). Torches can still be quickly placed with right click.
  • Z-placed objects are locked, so aren’t affected by the standard pick up. Instead, you have hold the pick up button to fill a short timer to pick these locked objects up. If you load any existing save from 0.8.6, placed items will not be locked until z-placed again manually. 
  • Q dropping items or dropping items directly from your inventory will drop them as the new loot objects.
  • Here’s a list of the new default controls that apply to loot and placement:
    • Tapping the ‘f’ key will pick up a targeted loot object
    • Holding the ‘f’ key will pick up every loot object in a small area in front of the player
    • Holding the ‘f’ key will activate a pick up timer for a targeted item that has been z-placed by players.
    • Tapping the ‘q’ key will drop a single item from your hand
    • Holding the ‘q’ key will drop the full stack from your hand
  • Z-placement mode controls
    • ‘z’ key to toggle into and out of the mode
    • ‘v’ key while in the mode to activate grid-snapping
    • Hold shift key and move the mouse to move an object closer or farther from yourself
    • Hold ctrl and move the mouse to rotate the object
    • Hold ctrl+shift and move the mouse to rotate on a different axis
    • Right click to place the object. It will drop physics active unless its collision intersects with another object or voxel. Doing the latter will place the object statically
  • The Crafting Journal lists the recipes your player has learned. Note that players with existing saves will start with a fresh Journal, so you will need to (re)discover any existing recipes.
    • The Journal is accessible by pressing the ‘j’ key (by default) or by pressing the corresponding button on the inventory screen
    • There is an order of progression to unlock the full recipe list. This progression is based on a variety of actions your player has done (starting from this release).
    • Any recipe/object you discover or craft will log itself in the Journal.
  • The Void Basket is a new craftable container that will destroy anything (after a confirmation message) you put into it.
  • Glow Corn fruit is now harvestable and plantable.
  • Saves can be loaded into either game mode (Survival and Creative) freely. Note the game description will list the game mode the world was originally made in. Stackable objects will get set to their max values when you transition from Creative to Survival.
  • Crude age sandals are craftable and wearable
  • The Hunting Horn is a new craftable item. It can make two different tones.
  • With a Hunting Horn equipped, right clicking on a pet will lock it in a sitting position until you command it further. It will not wander.

  • Using food items on a pet will now heal them
  • To breed pets, you now must use Health Potions on two appropriate pets will trigger the breeding process
  • Offspring that are produced from breeding now start off untamed. You will need to tame these new babies, and put a collar on them to make them a pet.
  • When a player dies, their dropped gear now becomes loot objects, and decay timers are added to the items.
  • Voxel objects no longer scale in size based on their stack size.
  • Grinding up materials at a flat rock now require any hammer type tool of any tier in your hand. So instead of a hammer rock on the ground, you now need it (or a higher tier hammer) in your hand. The flat rock is treated as a table.
  • Spiked/spiney plants (like the cactus) now cause damage when touched
  • Corpse Pitchers and Cabbage Traps now damage players and creatures that they catch
  • Updated crude age wearable items to look more in line with their component ingredients
  • Adjusted some background UI colors to be darker so that text is more easily readable
  • The Loose Pebbles crafting recipe has changed from an alchemical conversion to a standard breakdown. You can break them in sets of 8 at a workbench with a hammer equipped
  • Combat weapon hit detection improvements 
  • Lowered the depth required to reach the grey bed rock layer
  • Replaced the Trepod tree to reduce the impact of the giant spike of collision
  • Raised drop height of Alchemy Table recipe results so they are less likely to appear inside of the table itself

  • Corrected an issue where some players were not advancing to a teen after hitting the correct experience requirement. Affected players will first need to craft any one additional item for their experience to update correctly, and then they either reload/rejoin the game or rest in a bed.
  • Fixed an issue with crouched capsule size
  • Updated the name of the Vine Arm Wraps to Vine Shoulder Wraps to more closely match what equipment slot it fits in.
  • Fixed a rare bug that could cause model attach points to be counted as collision geometry.
  • Fixed an issue where checkboxes and sliders were showing up outside of the keybind menu
  • The parser for certain debug commands no longer needs quotation marks to separate it inputs

Modding Improvements
  • World queries can now use a bitmask instead of just a layer ID.
  • Updated API docs and added inheritance
    object:NKGetInstance() and instance.object are now deprecated (used to convert between lua and native object, now this is done automatically)
  • Exposed NKGetRawMods on EntityFramework (used to get early access to mods, during initialization)
  • Exposed NKGetModdedPath on GameMod used to get full path to file within mod’s directory (can also be used to check if file exists, returns nil when file doesn’t exist)
  • Fixed issue with texture atlas only allowing 1024 icons
  • Fixed issue with VoxelsModifiedCallback not passing in the userdata1 when no player is passed to the NKModifyWorld args
  • Added FBX merge and improved texture swapping (on AnimatedGraphics and MorphGraphics)
    • Additional submeshes for 3P seed are loaded from [MOD]/Data/Gear/3P/
    • Additional submeshes for FP seed are loaded from [MOD]/Data/Gear/FP/
  • Added parser for new Manifest.json (Manifest.txt will still work)
  • Invalid texture files parsed from txt files will now show an error during loading

Known Issues
  • Note due to some changes, we had to reset all keybinds to their default values. Any custom bindings you had will need to be reset.
  • When Z-placing an object, you can lose one axis of rotation.
  • Trying to pick up voxels when your inventory is full will lock them in their state, so they will not transition into the loot object version
  • When repaired, damaged tool/weapon icons do not update the visual state. Note that durability is still restored, so this is a purely visual bug.
  • Some item icons for large objects such as the Crude Door are larger than its targetable area
  • Items will decay slower than intended if they are out of range of the Server player’s view distance
  • In the Crafting Journal item list, some names go beyond the frame
  • The Crafting Journal name list is not organized alphabetically
  • As a teen, swapping/placing items that appear in your hand will slightly push the teen
  • There are some minor clipping issues with various clothing items.
  • For Clients, there are rare terrain spikes and holes in the terrain.
  • When wandering, AI creatures can walk off the edge of the world
  • There are some normal issues with players This exhibits itself as dark triangles.
  • The new Trepod tree can still have a spike/triangle of collision.
  • Loot dropped items that are specific to generation/Creative will not be able to be picked up into your inventory. You will need to delete/destroy them.
  • Loot dropped placeable creatures in Creative have no icons,so they appear as untextured question marks.

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Posted on November 4th, 2015 04:50 PM EST